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Re-Opening Announcement June 2020



Re-Opening Announcement June 2020


Hello! We want to first thank all of our guests for their patience and understanding through this difficult time we are enduring. Being a fluid and ever-changing climate that we are in, timelines and projections are difficult to navigate. We are announcing today May 30,2020 that our current opening date will be June 15,2020. As the nature of the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to change so does the way we go about business and our day to day lives. These dates may change if circumstances change. With our opening there are restrictions that apply. Currently we are limited to 50% capacity and it is undetermined how long this restriction will last. We will contact all guests whose reservations may be affected by these restrictions. If for any reason we cannot accommodate our guests we will make the process fair and do our best to make it right. We will be following guidelines given to us by the state of New Hampshire to the full extent and ask for your patience as we move forward together through this. Please follow the link below to get an understanding of what is required of the businesses and of the clientele.

Also there have been changes to our policies. We ask all guests to read through these policies thoroughly as they are required in order to stay with us. They are available on our website here If you would like us to mail you a copy of the new policies, either by mail or email, please reach out to us via email, Facebook or telephone. We will try and make it as easy as possible.

We are excited to see each and every one of our guests, new and returning! Lets all do our part and make this transition safe and enjoyable for all. As always please reach out to us with any questions, comments and concerns.


From all of us at the Hampton House Hotel, thank you and we will see you at the beach!

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